Classic & Custom Car Club of NSW

We make it easy for owners of classic and historic vehicles to get their cars on the road

Simple Application Process

Our easy online application process means you can apply from anywhere. All you need are your car details, photos, and your inspection report.

Access Discounted Registration Rates

Access signficantly discounted NSW vehicle registration rates for classic and historic vehicles via the HVRS & CVRS schemes

No Mandatory Meet-Ups

You can enjoy our NSW car club the way you want with no requirements to attend specific meet-ups or events.

Who Are We?

The Classic & Custom Car Club of NSW is an association of car enthusiasts dedicated to letting you get the most enjoyment out of your vehicle as possible. That includes getting it out of the garage and onto the road.

We do not enforce any mandatory rules for attending events and let our members enjoy their vehicles as they like.

One of the other key benefits for members of our car club of NSW includes quick, easy and discounted car registration with the NSW Road and Maritime Services (RMS).

Who Can Join The Classic & Custom Car Club of NSW?

We welcome car enthusiasts, owners and drivers of all makes and models of historic and classic cars, bikes, trucks and buses.

We’re a welcoming and friendly car club in New South Wales and will give you every assistance you need to register your vehicle.

Check out our gallery to see the kinds of vehicles our members drive or sign up below.

Eligibility Criteria for Classic and Historic Vehicles

To ensure your car is eligible for classification as classic or historic in NSW, please see the criteria below.

We can help you identify what category your vehicle falls under if needed.

Classic Vehicles

Historic Vehicles

  • your vehicle must be as close to original condition as possible, or, with al few alterations as possible.
  • Factory and/or dealer released period correct accessories are all acceptable as are factory upgrades & replicas.
  • Non factory improvements can also be accepted, for some safety features such as seatbelts, turn indicators or period options, accessories and safety items. Please check with us if you are not sure.
  • your vehicle must be at least 30 years of age or older from the year it was manufactured.
  • your vehicle must comply with the applicable vehicle standards as of the date of vehicle manufacture.

Classic Vehicles

  • This is for modified or engineered vehicles – street machines, hotrods, etc
  • Your vehicle must be 30 years of age or older, counted from the year of manufacture
  • Your vehicle must be 3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass or under
  • Your vehicle must comply with the applicable NSW vehicle standards
  • Blue slip on first CVRS registration & often supported by engineers report where modifications require. Once you have been accepted, subsequent registration renewals are pink slip & photo updates only
  • If you are thinking about modifying your vehicle then please call us to avoid spending money on things that will never be engineered. The rules on vehicle modifications have changed dramatically in recent years. Contact us here.

4 Steps to Get Your Car on the Road

To truly enjoy your vehicle, you want to get behind the wheel and drive it on the open road. Our classic car club makes it easy and hassle-free for you.

  • Nov 1, 2021

    Club Membership Application

    Sign up and register for club membership. We welcome new members at any time. You can join with either a historic or a classic vehicle. As part of your registration, we'll collect all of the details we require for your vehicle so that you can complete your application online.

  • Nov 1, 2021

    Vehicle and Membership Review

    We'll review your vehicle and information to ensure that it complies with classic or historic vehicle eligibility requirements set by RMS NSW. We'll contact you if we require any additional information, or if your vehicle doesn't meet eligibility criteria. 

  • Nov 1, 2021

    Club Approval

    If your vehicle meets all eligibility criteria, we'll approve your membership application and provide a club vehicle declaration, which is required by NSW RMS. We'll also provide you with a pre-filled NSW conditional vehicle registration form to help you register your vehicle with RMS.

    For classic vehicles, we'll provide instructions to get your car approved by the ACMC (Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs).

  • Nov 1, 2021

    RMS Vehicle Registration

    Once you've received your club declaration and conditional vehicle registration form, you can register your vehicle with NSW RMS, and start driving your car.

What Does Your Classic & Custom Car Club of NSW Membership Include?

Our car club is the best way for car enthusiasts to enjoy driving their vehicle on the road quickly, easily and, safely. When you join the Classic and Custom Car Club of New South Wales you will receive:


One-Year Club Membership

After your membership application is approved, you will receive a 1-year Classic & Custom Car Club of NSW Membership and eligibility for a 1-year conditional registration of your classic or historic car, bike, truck or bus.

Club Vehicle Declaration

We'll provide a club vehicle declaration, which is required by NSW RMS to register your vehicle and the conditional registration scheme.

Pre-Filled Conditional Registration Form

To help make your vehicle registration easier with RMS NSW, we provide a prefilled conditional registration form for you to register your vehicle.

Instruction Pack

We will supply you with an instruction pack that outlines all the information you need to obtain registration for your vehicle in NSW.

Conditions for Using Classic and Historic Vehicles

For CVRS and HVRS conditional registration, there are some conditions for using your car in NSW.

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) is included in your RMS registration fee, however we reccommend that you look into Comprehensive Insurance to protect your vehicle – not sure? Ask our insurance expert.

Log Book driving is permitted outside of any club-organised event for up to 60 days for maintenance and general use. You must carry the pocket-sized logbook in the vehicle and record the days when it is used, before you start driving.

For events organised by primary clubs affiliated with Transport for NSW approved organisations or for events organised by community organisations provided an official invitation has been received and recorded by the Classic & Custom Car Club of NSW the official minutes or Day Book. Or check out our events

Your vehicle can not be used for commercially if registered under the HVRS or CVRS Conditional registration schemes – personal/private use only.

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